Networks & Networking

Talks, webinars, articles, and presentations revolving around my research and teaching on networks and networking

Articles I have written about my open-to-all virtual office hours:

Staying Connected Through a Pandemic–15 Minutes at a Time

In a Virtual World, It’s Time to Re-Think Your Networking Strategy

You can find a link to my Office Hours sign up calendar from the main menu above, or here.

Slides from the INSEAD 05-10-15 reunion presentation on building your community – June 10, 2022

From my INSEAD Young Alumni Digital Reunion talk

Slides: Building Your (Professional Community)

From the INSEAD “Networking in our New Reality” Webinar – June 23, 2020


INSEAD Knowledge article based on the networking presentation

From my INSEAD UK Alumni Association talk on Networking & Mentoring – January 11, 2021

Slides: Networking & Building Your Board of Directors

I was a guest on the Reliants Project podcast, talking about my research on music, networks and creativity, and networking more generally

The Reliants Project – Episode 5

On the Mentor/Mentee Relationship

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